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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

9:37 PM

E2PDF apk Download - How to Backup Restore SMS,Call,Contact,TrueCaller

E2PDF apk Download - How to Backup Restore SMS,Call,Contact,TrueCaller

Presently you can get xml or PDF reinforcement of nearly everything (Contacts, Specific contact Log, Call Log, SMS reinforcement, Call Log Statistics, SMS Statistics, truecaller ) and you can in a split second spare these reinforcement in email, Google Drive/DropBox or spare them on any cloud area/any place you need. Reinforcement and Restore highlight is accessible for SMS and Call sign notwithstanding PDF reinforcement which is accessible for SMS, Call Log, Contacts and insights

Unmistakable FEATURES OF APP

1-SMS Backup and Restore/Favorite SMS Backup into PDF

E2PDF is basic however exceptionally beneficial application that enables you to take sms reinforcement of discussion of your cherished once and afterward never free that again. You can either reestablish them or can take PDF reinforcement. You should simply to choose discussion and before taking reinforcement in PDF, entire discussion shows up on your screen, you will enter yield record name and with a single tick reinforcement will be made. Produced reinforcement document can be put away on neighborhood drive or in email and can be momentarily shared/spare in cloud area.

So with E2PDF, you can take

* sms reinforcement of your companions discussion for entertainment only

* sms reinforcement of your family and adored once.

* sms reinforcement of your business discussion with your accomplices or temporary worker.

With this application, client can likewise perform sms tracker activity for courts or legitimate reason by taking PDF reinforcement in record and afterward utilizing entire discussion later on according to client necessity.

With Call Log reinforcement and Restore highlight, client can accept Call log reinforcement and reestablish it in some other gadget. Reinforcement is made in xml design which is likewise clear. With PDF reinforcement include, you can choose either to take reinforcement of Dialed, Received, Missed call or accept total Call Log and can utilize it according to your prerequisite.



Call Statistics permits you get measurable data of number of Dialed, Received, Missed calls and rejected approaches consistent schedule. Furthermore you will likewise get data of complete call term of indicated date go.


With SMS measurements, you will get number of SMS Sent/Received on consistent schedule and just as all out number of SMS Sent/Received during indicated time run.


Presently you can get your contacts Backup with custom highlights including Contact Name, Contact Number, Email Address.

Vagrant email address are those which are spared in your gadget however are not connected with any contact legitimately.

GOOGLE CONTACTS Backup/Export Contact

* Go to your contacts

* Select Settings

* Select Contacts

* Select your Gmail account whom gets in touch with you need to choose.

* Go back to E2PDF, and select "Contact Menu" and following ordinary system.

* Google contacts will be traded to PDF and will be prepared to spare.

PDF is produced utilizing stranded essayists so yield document is good with practically all realized perusers including Adobe Acrobat, Nitro, Xodo PDF Reader, Sumantra , Radaee ,Preview, Foxit, PDF-XChange and some more.

The yield produced document can without much of a stretch be shared over email, Whatsapp, Wifi-direct, Bluetooth and you can spare it legitimately to your Google Drive or DropBox/icloud

"sms reinforcement and reestablish" will be accessible in next discharge.

E2PDF following highlights are finished free
truecaller reinforcement, google contact, sms, telephone contact reinforcement.

Sunday, July 21, 2019

12:07 AM

GeekTyper Official App Latest Version Free Download

GeekTyper Official App Latest Version Free Download
hi Friends i am sarmad and in this blog i am going to share an application GeekTyper That is Very Amazing Application For You if You like hacking and you want to know about hacking.

GeekTyper apk is also Known as The Most Famous
 Pretend Programming Application
From this Application You can easily Prove You are
 a real time hacker to your friends.
This Application Has Command Line Interface
 Which is Automatic Running in your screen 
You need to just type anything in your mobile keyboard
 and Faka Scripts Will automatic Running
in your mobile screen and you seem
to to a real time hacker 
This Application is Only For Entertainment and Education
purpose We  will not Responsible for any 
illegal activities Or actions
  so use it only for education pupose
How To Use   
If You want to use this application you need to Download
and install this Application from given link
and open this application You will see easy and simple
 interface you need to just type anything in your keyboard
automatic scripts will start running and You will also see
 some options on right side of your mobile screen Click
Any option to run scripts and Prove you are a real hacker 

Saturday, July 20, 2019

6:55 PM

Yazzy Fake Conversation App Latest Version Free Download

Yazzy Fake Conversation App Latest Version Free Download
Yazzy App is an android Phone Application From You can easily Create Fake Chats , Conversation 
only for fun , With Yazzy Application You Can Easily Create Free Jokes With Your Friends 
This Application is only for Entertainment Purpose w6apps team will not responsible for any
illegal activities So Use it only for education and entertainment purpose 
Supported fake screens:

• Telegram with emojis and images
• Instagram posts 
• iPhone Messages with emojis support
• Facebook Messenger Chats 
• Facebook Status with comments and likes
• Tweets with hashtag and mentions
• Google searches
  Whatsapp Messages
• Google translate
• Ask.FM
and other download and install
How To Use
You Can use This Application easily and free
first of download and install this application from given link below 
then open it select which screen you want to  create for free 

Sunday, May 19, 2019

11:11 PM

Hacker Keylogger Apk Download LAtest version free

Hacker Keylogger Apk Download LAtest version free

Programmers Keylogger gives you a chance to utilize an uncommonly structured console which takes after the normal Keyboard in look and feel, in this way empowering you to follow each info that was composed through the Keyboard. 

So next time anybody requests that your telephone browse their email or utilize their own Account, Activate Hack Keyboard and the Hacking mode and they are in for a trick of their life.How to utilize this App:- 

1. open "Hack Keyboard"(Setting->Language and info >Hack Keyboard) 

2. Set "Hack Keyboard" to default Keyboard. 

3. Presently, Open "Hacker Keylogger" App and on absolute first screen,click on catch to enact Hacking Mode.Thats it, Your Hacking Mode is Activated.. What's more, Now whatever you will type through Keyboard will be recorded in background.You can see application savvy recorded key strokes in "Composed Data" Tab 

(Open "Hacker Keylogger App" - > Click on "Open Application" - > go to "Composed Data" Tab)

6:49 PM

Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch Best Ethical Hacking Course Download Free

Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch Best Ethical Hacking Course Download Free Ethical Hacker Salary
Would you like to learn moral hacking?
 Or then again you need to comprehend
 the significance of moral hacking further? 
The appropriate response lies in this application.
 This instructional exercise application gives
 total mater to take in moral hacking extending from 
fundamental to cutting edge.
 The accompanying material in this application: 


programmer Types 

Renowned Hackers 









sniffing Tools 

ARP Poisoning 

DNS Poisoning 




Trojan Attacks 

TCP/IP Hijacking 

email Hijacking 

secret key Hacking 

remote Hacking 

Social Engineering 

DDOS Attacks 

Cross Site Scripting 

SQL Injection 

Pen Testing 

And the sky is the limit from there 
if You want to Learn Ethical Hacking From scratch you need to 
Download and install This App by clicking on download button for free
This App contain Videos and article from you can easy learn ethical HAcking for free
Moral Hacking Tutorial Application Features: 

- Full Text instructional exercises extending from fundamental to cutting edge 
- Hundreds of video instructional exercises 

- The hunt include 

- sharing highlights

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

2:43 AM

Wifi Warden Apk Download Latest Version For Android Phone

Utilizing WiFi Warden, you can: 

✔️ Analyze WiFi systems 

✔️ Increase your security 

✔️ Connect to your WiFi utilizing WPS and passphrase 

✔️ Calculate the WPS PINs of certain switches 

✔️ View spared WiFi passwords (requires root) 

✔️ View the data of gadgets associated with your system (Include Name, MAC address, Vendor, IP) 

✔️ Find the open ports of a gadget on the system 

✔️ Create solid passwords 

By breaking down Wi-Fi systems, you will have the option to: 

✔️ See all the data that can be found on the WiFi arranges around you, including SSID, BSSID, Channel number, Channel transmission capacity, The switch maker, Encryption, Security, Distance, and so forth. 

✔️ Find a less jam-packed channel to build the sign nature of your remote switch. 

Do I have to root my gadget? 

🔷 To interface with WPS: You needn't bother with root access on Android 5 (Lollipop) and higher forms, yet you need root access on Android 4.4 and prior. 

🔷 To see WiFi passwords: You need root access on all Android forms. 

🔷 To get the sequential number of a passageway: You need root access on all Android forms. 

🔷 To check WPS lock: You need root access on all Android adaptations. 

If you don't mind Note: 

* Connection utilizing WPS doesn't take a shot at all switches. The reason isn't WiFi Warden, it's the switch! In these cases, it would be ideal if you utilize the passphrase to interface with the Wi-Fi. 

* To associate with WPS, the AP more likely than not empowered WPS. Passages that have empowered WPS are set apart with "WPS" in red. 

* From Android 6 (Marshmallow) it is important to concede area consent to show Wi-Fi organizes around you. 

More data at: id 

* Please don't request that I include more WPS PINs. On the off chance that I locate another WPS PIN, I will place it later on variants. in the event that your switch PIN isn't accessible in the application, simply search for it on your item mark. 

* To see the channel transfer speed, you need Android 6 (Marshmallow) or higher adaptation. 

* Currently expanded security rules accessible for Asus, TP-Link , D-Link and Zyxel switches. 

* It's smarter to utilize pull technique for testing invalid PIN. 

* Distance to the switch is determined dependent on a free-space way misfortune recipe. This number is inexact. 

* In-application buys are just for expelling advertisements. The application does not sell anything. All highlights are accessible for nothing out of pocket. 

* Connection utilizing WPS PIN without root get to does not chip away at some LG and Huawei gadgets. It's an issue identified with LG and Huawei programming, not the WiFi Warden. 
* Some Samsung gadgets may utilize encryption and don't demonstrate the genuine passwords. In the event that you need to realize how to decode them, if it's not too much trouble search for the data on the web or reach me. 

* Some of the devices of this application (Specially WPS Connection) have been created for Testing and Educational purposes. Use at your own hazard
* Before leaving remarks, it would be ideal if you ensure you know how the application functions.
2:35 AM

Wifi Map Apk Download Latest Version For Free

Wifi Map Apk Download Latest Version For Free

WiFi Map has 100 million WiFis accessible around the world  

Highlights of WiFi Map: 

- Access Internet for Free when you interface with WiFi 

- Millions of Free open WiFi hotspots accessible around the world for easily with this application 

- WiFi passwords and tips 

- Smart inquiry 

- Map route 

- Filter by the closest WiFi around you 

- Share WiFis on facebook, instagram, twitter for your companions 

- You can include WiFi hotspots around you 

You need WiFi? 

1. Open WiFi map 

2. The application will show you all open wifi passwords around you for free in just 5 seconds  

3. Get it! You are associated! 

2:23 AM

NetCut Apk Latest Version Download For android Phone

Official's netcut for android. netcut safeguard worked in Require Root.

NB: For Upgrade client, if it's not too much trouble reboot your telephone after overhaul. or on the other hand click Exit in new form and restart. most ideal path is to clean uninstall old rendition, reboot, and after that put in new form.

What you can do with's Android Netcut?

1. You can rapidly identify all system client in WIFI, notwithstanding when your telephone has no legitimate IP address or not been allowed use wifi web. for whatever length of time that you associated with any WIFI,'s netcut can work.

2. Set on/disconnected to any system clients, including telephone/xbox,softphone, PS3, PS4 and so on.

3, You can cut off system between two system clients inside LAN , by set one of the client as "portals" , then removed different clients, at that point those two clients won't beable to converse with one another, eg: apple TV, Google TV, xiaomi box , remove the telephone association with those container, will incapacitate screen cast like element.

4. Netcut Defender worked in. (turn on and off in a single tick)

5. Sweep organize when you feel there are clients still on system and you can't see it.

6. Check telephone type, netcut will be capable rundown sort of telephones.

7. Give client simple to recall name. Long press any system client, a spring up window will permit you input name for the client.

8, Detect aggressor, if any one endeavor to play arp farce to you, you will most likely observe it from netcut straightforwardly.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

6:09 AM

BombitUP Apk Latest Version Download For android Phone

BombitUP Apk Latest Version Download For android Phone
Hoping to trick your companions or close relative with heaps 
of filthy sms or calls? Or then again need to send mass nasty 
 mass messages to make them cry/yell? At that point here 
 is the correct answer, BOMBitUP Apk Download. 

Bombitup is a content plane application. The application 
 gives you a chance to make trick of your companions  
and make fun among your circle. We consider it a SMS  
aircraft apk for android. The application itself is
 substantial stacked with such a large number of cool
 highlights which can get packs in your stomach. 

Hoping to trick your companions or close relative with loads  
of grimy sms or calls? Or then again need to send  
mass nasty mass messages to make them cry/yell? 
At that point here is the correct answer, BOMBitUP Apk
 Download. Bombitup is a content plane application. 
The application gives you a chance to make trick of 
your companions and make fun among your circle. 
We consider it a SMS plane apk for android. 
The application itself is overwhelming stacked with such
 huge numbers of cool highlights which can get
 packs in your stomach. bombitup apk download BombitUP 
apk Download Now Lol! Miserable truth however certainty. 
You will chuckle out a great deal and state goodness! What a 
brilliant application I got. The designer of the application is
 from India. In any case, the application is very prominent 
among the globe now. Before it just backings India as a
 nation however at this point you can trick everywhere throughout 
the world with the BombitUP application for android. 
The word 
itself clarifies the significance. The bomb implies it sounds
 like flood or assault, Bombitup, does it now.So by and large this application is truly cool to trick your companions you can download this application from the accompanying connection and this application isn't accessible on playstore.
6:01 AM

Temp Mail Apk Download Latest Version for android phone

Temp Mail Apk Download Latest Version for android phone 

Temp Mail make a transitory email address (Temp mail). You can go through it for sign to any sites, and you can peruse approaching messages. 

Keep spam out of your mail and remain safe - simply utilize an expendable transitory email address! Shield your own email address from spam with T Mail App. 


- Instant Email Address prepared 

- Sign-Up not required. 

- Save upto 5 email location. 

- Totally free 

- Stop Spam 

Temp Mail gives impermanent, secure, unknown, free, expendable email address. 

Disregard spam, publicizing mailings, hacking and assaulting robots. Keep your genuine post box spotless and secure. 
How To Use
First of you need to download and install this app from given 
below link and open 
now select email id you want and use it everywhere you want you can 
also change mail id from here

Our application is propelled rendition of administrations like : 10minutemail, guerrillamail, mailinator, getairmail, throwawaymail, tempmail and others. Be that as it may, substantially more quicker and adjusted for mobiles.

Monday, April 22, 2019

4:34 AM


RECEIVE_SMS - consent to get a notice when a SMS touches base to you, so you can immediately send it where you determine; 

RECEIVE_WAP_PUSH - like the goals RECEIVE_SMS, includes warnings from versatile administrators and different senders utilizing WAP PUSH innovation to send you messages; 

SEND_SMS - authorization to send approaching SMS to other telephone numbers that you have indicated; 

READ_CONTACTS - to get the present rundown of your contacts for channel settings, on the off chance that you need to divert just SMS from explicit numbers. 

The application was structured while considering present day thoughts regarding plan. It is basic and simple to utilize. Messages are sent out of sight with negligible utilization of information and battery charge. 

Preferences of the application: 

- Optimum battery utilization: improved innovations are utilized to spare battery life. It would be ideal if you note: Forwarding does not require the application to be open. 

- Flexible settings: select contacts and allot rules for the message inside each channel 

- Synchronization of settings: spare channel settings in the cloud so as to abstain from losing data 

- No promotions: the application is allowed to utilize and does not contain any advertisements. 

- Modern interface plan: we attempted to make the interface as easy to understand as would be prudent. 

- SMS to email or SMS to telephone DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL. 

You are allowed the chance to make at least one channels, every one of which enables you to arrange beneficiaries to send messages, set the essential settings and guidelines for sifting. 

Whenever you can kill and turn on the made channels, if fundamental. 

If there should be an occurrence of wrong SMS sending, a notice will come, on the off chance that you wish, you can send a blunder report to the engineer. 

For the application to work effectively, you need consents: 

1) Reading contacts - decide the names and telephone quantities of senders to you SMS 

2) Interception of SMS - to get the message in time and send it as per the channels 

3) Reading the condition of the telephone - to decide the status of wandering, the Internet to spare your cash 

If it's not too much trouble guarantee that all authorizations are given, generally the right activity of the application isn't ensured. 

Consideration! Be cautious when setting up a SMS shipment that contains your own or monetary privileged insights, ensure that this data isn't sent to 3 people. The application will divert data to those numbers and messages that are shown and while downloading the application you acknowledge all duty regarding the harm that these activities can bring. 
The application is helpful to individuals who have a few telephones being used and need to dependably get forward-thinking data pretty much all SMS from different numbers. Or on the other hand get data about SMS on your mail.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

2:25 AM

Paranoid For Android Apk Latest Version Download

Paranoid For Android Apk Latest Version Download 

Distrustful for Android examines all the applications
 introduced on your gadget to distinguish applications 
which could be keeping an eye on you. It does this by
 examining the blend of consents conceded to each application. 

For instance, an application which can decide your
 precise area is fine: an application that can decide your 
area and report it back to another person utilizing SMS 
or the web is increasingly dangerous. A notable informing
 application which likewise tracks your area and your 
telephone requires no substantial reason is certainly flawed, 
the same number of individuals have just barely found.
How To Use
First of All You Need to install this application From Below link
then open and you will get following options see in screen shot.

Select Option You want to Know what is tracking then you will get following application 
that is tracking you. 
its time to Download This App 

Monday, April 8, 2019

7:44 PM

Download Hidden Call Recorder Apk Latest Version

Download Hidden Call Recorder Apk Latest Version
This the best application accessible on Play store to consequently record and mail the call records, with the goal that you don't miss the vital recorded calls. 

Call records can be spared, played, sent, and shared. 

Notes can be added to the records and the equivalent can be adjusted. 

Calls can be recorded in three modes 1. All calls, 2. Record Selective numbers, 3. Overlook Selective numbers. 

Auto clear alternative to consequently erase the more seasoned records after certain number of days. 

Alternatives accessible for looking through the records by Name, Notes, and by Date (accessible in Pro form as it were). 

The best element of our App is as and when the bring is finished, the recorded document is sent naturally to the pre-arranged email/Gmail account. The records can be spared and sent to the email in three unique modes in Mail Settings: 1. Spare, 2. Mail and Save, 3. Mail and Don't Save. Default choice is Save. 

One other great component is, the critical records can be covered up. To conceal a record, go to records list, long push on any record. A popup gives the idea that requests affirmation for concealing the equivalent. To see the concealed records, simply tap multiple times on the Call Recorder content (upper left corner) (accessible in Pro form as it were). 

Language support for 24 dialects. 
Important information 
1. It would be ideal if you uninstall some other call recording applications before utilizing this application. 

2. The Call Recording does not take a shot at specific handsets and can result in second rate quality accounts. We propose that you attempt the free form before acquiring the paid application. 

3. In the event that you experience any issues with the voice quality, take a stab at chronicle from an alternate sound source in Sound Format Settings choice. The default alternative is Mic, you may change to other choice, test and utilize the equivalent. 
4. For the records to be sent to your Gmail account, in the Mail Settings, you need to give your Gmail qualifications (at the base). 

5. As this is a free application, this contains advertisements. On the off chance that the advertisements bother you, if it's not too much trouble introduce our Pro form. In the event that you have any issues please send us an email at, we would endeavor to illuminate them soon, so kindly don't underestimate our application. Likewise, we would love to get notification from you about any recommendations, with the goal that we can improve the execution of our application.
7:27 PM

Wifi Kill Pro Apk Download Latest Version

Wifi Kill Pro Apk Download Latest Version For Android Phone
WifiKill PRO APK is best wifi arrange controller application
. It can debilitate (shutdown) the web association of different gadgets 
 associated with a similar wifi organize. It is a very usefull apparatus  
for wifi web clients utilizing which you can cut (Turn off) other 
 individuals off structure a typical wifi arrange and designate all the  
transmission capacity to yourself. The application is for Android
 just and it requires root get to (netcut - selfishnet). 

At the point when WifiKill PRO APK is running and your versatile is associated with an open wifi arrange, this application will make different gadgets in a similar system imagine that your gadget is a switch. WifiKill then drops the associations of these different gadgets effectively. 

- You can see all who is associated (rundown of gadgets) on the wifi organize that you are utilizing. 

- WifiKill can demonstrate the information exchange rate (download, transfer) of snatched gadgets. 

- You can screen the system movement of any gadget utilizing wifi. 

- Names of the gadgets associated with the system are shown. 
- above all, you can remove the net association of any gadget which is associated ? to a similar wifi arrange as yours. 

- It takes a shot at tablets as well.
7:16 PM

Seeline Apk Download Latest Version Online Last Seen

Seeline Apk Download Latest Version Online Last Seen 
Our application will tell the amount you have sat for now in the utilizations of systems with your understanding obviously. 

Our focal points: 

* realistic yield 

* exact insights as long as a second 

* day by day insights as long as a month 

* various application systems 

* flawless application structure 

* genuine namelessness of information ensured by encryption 

* lawful and arrangement agreeable application 

* every minute of every day support 

* WE ARE NOT A SPYWARЕ, we are an online tracker 

Seeline - App-use Whatsapp tracker causes you see the amount you sat in it today or yesterday,app will plainly demonstrate you! 

That is our Seeline application for you. whats Online tracker can do everything lawfully and neatly. 

Have you been sitting tight for the best application utilization whatsapp tracker? - here we are! 

Watsup Tracker serves to adequately evaluate your time spending in informal organizations. 

Have you at any point believed that you have to start to control your own time and sit less in informal communities? seeline application use whatsapp tracker will assist you with this. Know about every one of the activities of your profile, our application use whatsapp tracker will guarantee precision up to 100%, as long as a second. 
In our watsapp tracker, all interims are worked in a wonderful chart and exact squares of interims. In our watsapp tracker you won't perceive any promotions! our watsapp tracker does not give data past your telephone to outsiders, everything is secure and scrambled under a protected convention!

Sunday, April 7, 2019

7:46 AM

Call Assistant Apk Download For Free Latest Version

Call Assistant Apk Download For Free Latest Version
Counterfeit call - highlights: 

Call Assistant Apk - catch for moment counterfeit call. 

Escape a clumsy circumstance with phony call. 

Timetable - set clock to get a phony call. 

Modify guest - set guest name number and picture. 

Voice - include counterfeit voice that will talk when you addressed the call. 

Record voice - record your voice to make the trick genuine. 

Ringtone - when approaching call shows up you will hear your default ringtone. 

You can pick any ringtone from your telephone music organizer. 

Character - utilize our inherent character for fast trick. 

Utilize our characters for snappy trick. 

Police call you - trick. 

Counterfeit call to give free pizza - trick. 

Trick by getting a phony call from a sweetheart or beau. 

The most effective method to counterfeit a call: 

Brisk phony call - tap call currently catch. 

You will get a phony call. 

Calendar an approaching call for further developed trick. 

After you have plan a phony call - turn off your screen. 

The most effective method to redo a phony call: 

Tap guest. 

Set guest name. 

Set guest number. 

Set picture for the guest. 

Tap ringtone to choose the guest ringtone. 

Tap voice to add voice to the approaching call. 

Tap done.
Its Time To Download  and Install This Application
Download Now
Disclaimer: counterfeit call amusement does not have a genuine approaching call include - it only a reenacted approaching call. 

It would be ideal if you let us know whether you need more highlights in phony call trick diversion.
6:58 AM

I Hack You Apk Download Latest Version For Android Phone

I Hack You Apk Download Latest Version For Android Phone

This application has Android, Windows, Macintosh, Iphone Operating System traps and tips to use 100% of the PDA and Desktop and Laptop Computer. 

It contains the accompanying. 

- How to Prevent from hacking, and from different sort of assault. 

- Shortcut keys for Windows and Macintosh 

- Various directions for web just as social application 

- Google Tricks and easy routes. 

- How to conceal our self from web 

- Cellular telephone like Android, Apple traps and Tips.
Screen Shot Of This APP
Additional Information
From This App You can easily Learn Ethical Hacking Only For Education
Purpose In this application You will find Tips Of Day , Basic and Expert 
Education Concepts e.g Types of Hackers PHishing ,Trojons , Snooping etc 
You can also find Linux Commands for information how to use linux operating system 
and some Tips To become ethical hacker.

SO Download and Install This App for Free 

6:36 AM

IP Webcam Apk Download Latest version Free

IP Webcam Apk Download Latest Free version For Android Phone
IP Webcam transforms your telephone into a system camera with numerous review alternatives. 

Discretionary Ivideon cloud broadcasting is upheld for moment worldwide access. 

Use IP Webcam with outsider MJPG programming, including video observation programming, security screens and most sound players. 

Highlights include: 

• Video transfer to Dropbox, SFTP, FTP and Email utilizing Filoader module 

• Audio spilling in wav, creation and (AAC requires Android 4.1+) 

• Motion recognition with sound trigger, Tasker reconciliation. 

• Date, time and battery level video overlay. 

• Sensor information securing with online web charting. 

• Videochat support (video stream just for Windows and Linux through an all inclusive MJPEG video gushing driver) 

• Cloud message pop-ups on movement and sound, cloud recording for movement activated records, online video broadcasting fueled by Ivideon. 

• Extensive infant and pet screen highlights: night vision, movement recognition, sound identification. 

Light form is upheld with unpretentious advertisements. It's completely practical, yet needs Tasker incorporation, adjustable UI (just manager is available) and has a watermark over recorded recordings.
Additional Information
Free To Use
10000000+ Downloads
Offered by Pavel Khlebovich
Updated March 12 2019

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

2:16 AM

Download Eyecon Apk Latest Version Eyecon app Download Free

Download Eyecon For Android Latest Version Eyecon Caller ID Call Recorder Eyecon app Download Free
 Spare critical one to your telephone or offer them with your cloud reinforcement (not upheld on Android Pie). 

Match up with Facebook to naturally add photographs to your telephone dialer, contacts and address book with Eyecon. Check quantities of obscure calls with our less complex guest ID and brilliant dial contacts. Naturally interface informing and calling applications to associate rapidly. 


✓ Visual – We adjust with Facebook and other internet based life channels to distinguish your contact's actual photographs to make a photograph based location book and dialer. See names and photographs rather than numbers for obscure guests and your contacts when you are dialing or accepting calls. 

✓ Safe – Protect yourself from spam and unknown telephone calls with our guest ID. Our guest ID depends on Facebook and other internet based life identifiers, so the photographs are for the most part high caliber and the data is totally exact. Square calls to control who can call you. 

✓ Connective – Sync your dialer, Whatsapp, Facebook, Viber, informing, email, Skype, Linkedin and more with a solitary snap for across the board correspondence through your most loved application symbols. 

✓ ACR Call recorder - record telephone calls naturally. Spare the ones that are essential by sticking them to your top picks list. Back them up by sharing your chronicles to Dropbox, Google Drive, WhatsApp, Email and that's only the tip of the iceberg (not bolstered on Android Pie). 

✓ Ultimate personalization-Control how your picture and contact data show up in your companion's location book and in their telephones when you call them. Look over one of our 30+ subjects to redo your location book with your most loved of our skin alternatives! Change your settings to decide your double or single SIM settings, guest ID notices and that's just the beginning. 

✓ Availability checker – Find out if your companions are free before you dial with our non-nosy "would you be able to talk" highlight to enable individuals to either pick up the telephone, get back to you quickly or react that they are occupied. 

✓ Intuitive – Our innovation learns your inclinations as you associate with Eyecon and utilize our telephone dialer. We compose contacts by those most dialed and show correspondence symbols as indicated by those you utilize the frequently. 

✓ Set photographs – Enjoy taking an interest in our stand-out amusement to audit the photographs we naturally synchronized with your contacts and find new photos of your companions. 

✓ Add contacts - After a discussion with somebody who isn't as of now in your phonebook, utilize our implicit guest ID to effortlessly include them as another contact with a proposed name and photograph without composing anything extra. 

✓ Private – login by essentially including your telephone number without adjusting with outsider web based life or an extensive enlistment process.
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Monday, March 25, 2019

3:17 AM

Looper For Whatsapp Free Download Latest Version

Looper For Whatsapp Apk Free Download Latest Version

Looper for Whatsapp content rating is Everyone.You could 
visit CodeMonks' site to find out about the organization/engineer
 who built up this. Looper for Whatsapp can be downloaded
 and introduced on android gadgets supporting 15 programming
 interface or more.. Download the application utilizing your most
 loved program and snap on introduce to introduce the application.
 If you don't mind note that we give unique and unadulterated apk 
document and give quicker download speed than Looper for
 Whatsapp apk mirrors. Variants of this application apk accessible
 with us: 1.1 , 1.0. You could likewise download apk of Looper 
for Whatsapp and run it utilizing prevalent android emulators.

The portrayal of Looper for Whatsapp

Effectively type various messages on WhatsApp and disturb your companions and play

(No root required)

utilizes openness administration
How To use 

Stage 1 : on the openness administration for WhatsApp Loop

Stage 2: type the message

Stage 3: pick number of message to be iterated

Stage 4: click send catch and select single contact on WhatsApp .

Security and Safety 

This application is 100% sheltered and secure you can utilize this application with no hazard 

Note:- Clear Whatsapp Lopper (whatsapp spammer ) Data when you utilized first time then it will work

On the off chance that the administration does not work simply attempt to restart it by killing.