Thursday, July 1, 2021

12:58 AM

Whatz Groups Apk - Amazing Android Application

 Whatsapp is the most popular and secure android application to connect with other people, whatever you want to conversate you use WhatsApp mostly. Almost all smartphone users have Whatsapp on their mobiles to connect with their friends and family. 

Whatsapp is the most popular android application due to its fantastic features that allow users to engage.  The most important thing is that there is no need to pay anything to WhatsApp, you just need to install whats app and create an account using your mobile number. 

Whatsapp also allows you to create groups to connect with multiple people at the same time. You just need to create group and to add few members from your contact list, then if you send a message on that chat your all the members will receive the same message. 

Why Use Groups 

People use group features to communicate with their fellows, to get the latest updates about daily news, informational posts, people also use or join groups to increase their business sales. 

How to Create Whatsapp Group

To create a new Whatsapp group in WhatsApp you just need to click on the three dots and then click on the new group, WhatsApp will ask you to add at least one member you can add anyone from your contact list. 

The means are somewhat extraordinary for Android and iPhone, however, the thought is something very similar. That is, the point at which you make a WhatsApp bunch, you will be approached to add its members. Presently since you are making a gathering with yourself, one should add themselves as it were. Yet, that is unrealistic for two reasons. 

If you are the admin of any WhatsApp group, you have the maximum rights like you can remove members to add, and also you can customize the group info like image and description. 

Right off the bat, you don't need to add yourself. The proprietor or the maker of the gathering is added consequently. Also, you need to add no less than one individual to make a gathering. 

We can add maximum 257 members in one group, you cannot add more members. There are two ways to add members, you can also use sharing link to add your friends or family members.

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That individual can be anybody. However, to be on the more secure side and to stay away from inconvenience, add a dear companion or a relative. The justification that is you need to eliminate them once you add them.

Best Android App

if you are searching for the best Group to Join then this application helps you a lot. Whatz Group android application contains a large number of gathering connections and clients can get those together with a This application is for those clients who track down the important and dynamic Group. 

Joining those gatherings, you ready to share pictures, recordings, documents, supportive substance at the gathering. Along these lines, make a solid gathering or local area. 

Join the most recent groups in various kinds including Entertainment, Funny, Education, Fitness, Games, Friendship, Sports, News, Photography, Technology, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. All the class keeps bunches of dynamic Groups Invite Links. You can utilize the application totally free and join the groups in an easy way. 

We add all the more new gathering connects to the application on a regular routine. In this way, you get all the more new gatherings and select the best gathering as per your necessities.

How to download & Install 

If you want to use this app you need to download the apk from button below and then you need to install then you can successfully use and enjoy the amazing features in easy way. 


Saturday, May 15, 2021

8:30 PM

Download Snack Video App - Make Money from Snack

 Are you looking for the Snack video app latest version or you want to know everything about the Snack video if yes I'm going to tell you about what you want. We will cover complete information, business model, coins detail, and also how you can download and install the latest version of the Snack Video app. 

Snack App Introduction

Snack video is an android entertainment and video playing platform where people can show their talent and share their daily vlogs in the form of short videos. Snack video is similar to Tiktok and it's growing now day by day. 

As you know in TikTok there is a high competition of content creators as many creators creating videos on a daily basis so the probability of going viral is not high but snack is a newer application and it has low competition as compare to TikTok. 

The user interface of the Snack video is very easy to use everyone can watch videos, edit and create their own videos without any advanced knowledge which is the best option I see because many people are going to do something new. 

Highlight Features of Snack video

It allows you to entertain

Create your own content

Edit your videos 

Multiples filters

Trending Sounds

Like & follow to others

You can make money

Share your content on social media

Fast & easy to use

Earn Money from Snack Video App

Many content creators on the Snack app are earning great through different ways in this tutorial you will know about these ways. 

Sign Up Reward 

When you download and install this android application and create your account you will get few coins as Sign up a reward that you can convert to your earning but that's not fine. 

From Sponsorships

Famous content creators are earning through Sponsorships, in this method companies will contact you to promote their products like beauty products, gadgets, etc. 

By inviting Your Friends

This is the most common way to make money from snack, in this method you need to invite your friends to download snack app and snack app will give your few coins for it. 

How to Withdraw Earnings 

To withdraw earnings from Scnack is too simple, in Pakistan, there is three methods that is used to receive your money, the first one is from jazz Cash second one is Easypaisa and the last one is through bank transfer. you can use anyone that you want and suitable for you. 

Download & Install

To use this application first you need to click on the download button below and then you will successfully download and install the application on your android phone. It is very easy to use and make your content, i hope you like this guide go and start providing positive videos Thank You


Friday, May 7, 2021

10:09 PM

Download iplex Android Apk - Fantastic Entertainment App 2021

 Are you feeling bored or you want to entertain yourself, if yes you are in the right place here I am going to share an android application that helps you to spend your time with happy moments. In this application, you can watch different entertainment channels like you can watch movies, news, and live shows. 

Amazing Android application 

Iplex android application is one of the best and useful application to spend your time happily especially in the lockdown, you just need to download and install this application and you can easily watch what you want. 

Using this application you can watch different movies including trending, action movies and also you can watch entertainment movies in your own hindi or urdu language. 

There are many other applications are available that promise to provide various features but most are paid and few are not working fine, this is the single application that I used personally and this application has an amazing rating on the play store.

Plex Android App

There is another application that I have experienced its a very an amazing application to watch creative content but most movies that you will see in this application are in the English language. 

Watch motion pictures and TV shows, in addition to 180+ channels of live TV, quickly, without a membership. 

Watch films with Plex, a free film application for all your streaming requirements. Watch film top picks from Crackle, Warner Brothers, MGM, Lionsgate and that's only the tip of the iceberg! Full films allowed to appreciate: anime motion pictures, youngsters' motion pictures, new motion pictures, narratives, and significantly more. 

Stare at the TV arrangement you know and adore or find pristine shows with Plex's real-time features. On request TV channels and shows are accessible to you, across the board place. Sit in front of the TV anyplace, on any gadget. 


Live TV streaming allows you to watch channels of free live programming immediately. Watch live TV from food to news, sports to children, and global substance, there's something for the entire family. 

Watch video news from more than 190 worldwide distributing accomplices, including CBS, Financial Times, Euronews, and top nearby news hotspots for more than 80% of business sectors in the U.S. To download the videos to your gallery you need to use a third-party app.

Plex adds rich portrayals, craftsmanship, and other related data. Plex media allows you to look for your most loved web recording or find new ones through customized suggestions.

How to download & Install

To use this android application you need to download the apk file and then install it, simply you need to click on the download button then this application will be installed automatically. Use of this application is very easy and user-friendly, just click on the section you want to enjoy  


Friday, March 26, 2021

8:54 PM

Download Voice Changer APK- Voice Effects

 Do you want to change your voice or you want to apply different effects on your voice to make your friends shocked? If yes you are in the right place where I'm going to tell you about the fantastic android application that helps you to do this in just a few steps.

The free Voice Changer app allows you to try funny voice effects and speak them with a voice activator. Many other android applications are available on the play store that promise to do this but mostly and paid and few have limited features. You can change voice like different genders in easy few steps. 

Do you want to dub your video with a different voice, yes this application also helps you to do this, and then you can use that video on youtube, TikTok, or on any social media platform.

Voice Effects and voice changer is an application that can change your voice to various voice effects while recording and you can also apply voice effects that you have already recorded. 

Make People Laugh

If someone is angry with you and you want to apologize you can apply funny effects to apologize. I hope this feature will be amazing for you. 

Prank Your Friends

At the point when you need to trick your companion, you can utilize this anime voice transformer to change your voice into a sweet young lady's voice and visit with your companions on the web, profess to fall head over heels in love for him; 

You can likewise utilize this change voice application to record and change voice to an exciting sound and afterward set it as an alert, hence to panic companions as you need! Appreciate this voice game.  

Among a wide range of voice transformers, Free Voice Changer - Voice Effects and Voice Changer is a valuable and amusing voice transformer allowed to change voice in addition to sound.

Rating on Google Play

This android application has 4.5 rating on the play store which is the top rated application. I hope you will enjoy different features of this fantastic android application.

 It has various audio cues and has continually refreshed down-to-earth capacities. Appreciate this interesting joy contrasted and other voice transformers.

Download & Install Voice Changer APK

To use this application you first need to download the APK file by clicking on the download button and then install that file in your phone. After installing you successfully ready to use amazing features and make your friends laugh and happy.


Thursday, March 25, 2021

3:13 AM

Download Wonder Video Editor APK - Magic Effects

 Do you want to edit your video or you want to create an amazing video with your photos, videos if yes here I'm going to tell you about the fantastic android application that helps to do this in just a few seconds? 

Wonder video editor is a professional video editing application that you can use on your android phone. You can do Cropping, apply magic effects and edit your videos in just a few seconds in just a few easy effects. Moreover using wonder video editor you can add different video effects, add music to your videos.

Best Video Editor App

Many other android application is available on the play store that promises to give these features but most are paid and not working so Wonder video editor is an amazing application that has a 4.4-star rating on the google play store.

Using this fantastic video editor you can apply different movie effects and make your day happy and cooler. 

This application has more than 20 different fantastic effects to record your video in just a few steps. More video styles coming soon. 

Create Slideshow video

You can create a slideshow video from your gallery photos which is one of the good thing in this app. This software will supply you several free music beats templates and transition effect for creating cool and trending content videos. 

Magic Movie Effects 

 Realize your dream to be a moviemaker. More realistic and amazing Hollywood blockbuster movie effects are coming soon.

Wonder Editor has more magic effects including Fire effect, Lightening effects, Magic Energy Effects and more others. 

Advance Features

Different video quality and size applicable, you can share your video to different social platforms like Instagram

You can trim, edit and crop unwanted clips from your original video. You can also combine your videos.

How to Download & Install

To use this fantastic video editor you first need to download app from the link below and then you will successfully download and install the APK file and you are ready to use this app and make your day amazing.


Thursday, March 18, 2021

10:57 PM

Download Signature Creator APK - Make Name Signature

Do you want to like your name signature or you are confused about your signature style if yes in this article you will know about an android application that helps you to make your signature in different styles then you also can save that signature in your gallery.

The signature creator app is offering both types of signature which is auto and manual signature. In the manual type of signature, you need to write with your hand on your phone screen on the other side you just need to enter your name to create an auto signature with multiple fantastic styles.

Signature Create APK

This android application also helps you to create the watermark that you can use on your videos, your portfolio, or your business cards. 

The signature Maker app also helpful for the creation of email signatures, autographs as well as a signatures stamps in various font styles. 

This signature create APK has a very easy and user-friendly interface to make your name signature that you can just create in just few seconds. In first screen you will see options like manual signature, auto signature, my creation and about us. I will recommend you to select auto option if you are beginner.

signature producer : signature maker is extremely easy to use for electronic mark programming and report sign with sign simple highlights. This virtual endorsement or electronic mark can be utilized as a manual signature just as auto mark for online endorsement or it signature . 

Best Android App

This advanced mark have numerous choices to alter your mark for after utilization of autograph and agreement mark and furthermore can get benefits for the signature stamp. Manual mark can be effectively drawn on email signature large , and for watermark signature. The auto mark can be useful for signature filler and sign maker. waiver mark and sign easy should be possible with the two alternatives. 

Simply add mark of your decision with name mark and producer mark will make you a fine maker signature. You can likewise save your marks in this mark maker application which is additionally known as signature producer application 

1: Auto mode 

On the Home screen, you just need to click on the auto button and thenjust enter your name via keyboard you will get various styles select that you want to use click on the save button if you don't want to customize it more.
Squeeze zoom and Rotate (Multitouch) to change the size and point of marks

2) Manual mode 

You need to do your mark on signature board 

Change pen tone/foundation tone 

Change the thickness of pen to change the thickness

How to Download & Install

if you want to use this android application you just need to click on the download button below and then you need successfully install the app then you can use this android application in easy way as mentioned in the article. 

Monday, March 8, 2021

9:59 PM

Download Navbar Slideshow Apk - Most Useful Android App

Navbar slideshow free app is an android software that helps you to fully customize your navigation bottom bar in your android mobile. This android application has amazing animation effects, slideshow visuals, and different text styles. 

By using this application you can make your friends wonder because of these features. There are plenty of Navbars available on the play store but mostly are not working and few are paid, so this smart navbar is a fantastic app that I have ever seen, yes I personally use this application and now I'm going to give a review this application. 

Smart Navbar Apk 2021

Most applications on the play store that need to access your root but this app don't need to access root permission so you can use this application in your any android phone. 

This Navbar also allows you to show a bar line in your navbar which is the battery percentage indicator which is one of the amazing features of this android application. You must try it.

Navbar Slideshow Apk Features

  • Free to use
  • Easy to use
  • You can choose images from the gallery for the slideshow
  • Use android nav bar to access quickly your notes and reminders
  • You can insert your text in the navbar
  • Style your navigation bar with amazing animation effects

Advance Nav Bar Features

Slideshow on Navbar
You can use this navbar to display and slideshow your favorite multiple images in an easy way.
You can easily use different animations from the long list of various animations. 
You can put your name in the navbar, can customize, resize and apply different effects. 

How to Download & Install

To use this android application first you need to download the smart navbar APK from the link below and then you need to install that app file. To use this application you need to open and allow some permissions that are required to access all the features.

This is the most useful android application in daily life if you want to wonder your friends and family.